Prescription Renewals and Acting on Behalf of Others

Prescription Renewal at Myyrmanni Pharmacy in Vantaa

You can also handle another person's pharmacy matters.

If you have a prescription that has expired and needs to be renewed, come to us. Our staff can make the renewal request for your prescription on your behalf. You can also renew the prescription yourself by contacting your own health center or through the electronic service.

If your child, relative, or another close person is unable to make their prescription medication purchases themselves, you can pick up the medications on their behalf. For acting on behalf, you will need the person you are assisting's Kela card, the prescription's patient instructions, a printed summary, or an Apteekkiasiointi power of attorney. With the power of attorney, you can not only pick up medications but also renew prescriptions and view the person’s Kela and medical records.

If you have any questions about prescription matters or acting on behalf, drop by our pharmacy in the Myyrmanni shopping center in Vantaa or call us. We always help our customers to the best of our ability.

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