Medication Dose Dispensing

Medication Dose Dispensing at Myyrmanni Pharmacy in Vantaa

Automated dose dispensing makes taking medications easy and safe.

Automated medication dose dispensing is especially suitable for individuals who require ongoing medication treatment and use several different medications simultaneously. The same procedures for medication and dose dispensing fee reimbursements are followed in dose dispensing, including the application of specific medication co-payments, the pharmacy tariff, and the direct reimbursement procedures as in other medication deliveries.

In dose dispensing, the machine collects and packs the medications hygienically into individual dose packets, which are marked with the date and time of administration. Customers receive their medications for two weeks at a time, and the dose packets make taking medications easier and safer. Dose dispensing ensures that customers do not have large amounts of unused medications if the treatment is discontinued or changed.

Our dose dispensing service also includes medication therapy management. This ensures that all medications prescribed to the customer are compatible, and potential side effects of the medications are minimized.

We are happy to tell you more about the service, come visit or contact us. Myyrmanni Pharmacy is easily accessible, located in the Myyrmanni shopping center in Vantaa.


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