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We have a good selection of high-quality skin care products.

From our pharmacy's diverse selection, you can find scientifically researched brand products available from pharmacies for demanding skin care. Our knowledgeable staff are happy to help with the selection of the right product and will gladly show you different options according to your needs and skin type. We also offer free skin moisture measurements.

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The Swedish skincare line ACO offers a diverse range of products for beauty care, skin problems, and personal hygiene. ACO's selection includes both medicinal products and skincare items. The skincare range for sensitive skin includes gentle, yet effective products for all skin needs for both adults and children. In addition to face and body care products, ACO also offers highly protective sun care products for the whole family and specific product lines for babies’ skin care, skin suffering from acne or dermatitis, intimate hygiene, and hair care.

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The French pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic company Pierre Fabre's A-DERMA line is based on the naturally soothing power of Rhealba® oat and other natural active ingredients. Rhealba® oat has been discovered and researched for its valuable ingredients especially for fragile and sensitive skin. A-DERMA’s Rhealba® oat is organically grown.

The products are suitable for all ages and are dermatologically tested under the supervision of dermatologists and pediatricians.


The Finnish ATOPIK skincare line is developed for sensitive skin. Besides domestic oat and wild bilberry, the products contain a rich amount of skin-identical active ingredients, such as prebiotics, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and vitamins, which are especially good for supporting the natural barrier of sensitive skin. The selection includes high-quality skincare products for dry, irritated, aging, oily, and impure skin. In addition to facial care products, ATOPIK also offers environmentally friendly physical sunscreens, self-tanning products, and body care products suitable for the whole family. There is also a product line for children. ATOPIK products, manufactured in Helsinki as local production, are FI-Natura certified vegan natural cosmetics. The line also carries the Leaping Bunny logo, ensuring absolute cruelty-free standards.


The French pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic company Pierre Fabre's Avène skincare products are based on naturally soothing and softening spring water. Mineral-rich Avène Thermal Spring Water naturally contains a wealth of soothing skin ingredients and trace and mineral elements. The Avène line offers a diverse selection of products for all ages, all skin types, and those with skin issues, including products for skin with couperosis, dry and atopic skin, as well as oily acne-prone skin.

Due to the purity of the ingredients, Avène products contain fewer preservatives. Some Avène skincare products carry the Allergy and Asthma Federation cooperation symbol. All formulations are clinically tested under dermatological supervision.

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The American Aveeno® series, featuring a prebiotic triple oat complex (in vitro), uses oat to help improve the balance of the skin's natural microbiome and restore the skin's barrier. Depending on the formulation, the products also contain other skin-nurturing ingredients like ceramides, shea butter, and glycerin.

Aveeno® is developed for dry, irritated, itchy, and dermatitis-prone skin. The products are fragrance-free or mildly scented, dye-free, and dermatologically tested.


The American CeraVe, developed with dermatologists, offers a skincare line where all products are fragrance-free and contain essential ceramides necessary for normal skin function. A lack of ceramides is also associated with various skin conditions like acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis. The weather, sun exposure, and aging also affect the amount of ceramides in the skin. CeraVe's idea revolves around the long-lasting effect of the products: the technology releases moisturizing ingredients slowly into the skin over up to 24 hours.

CeraVe offers cleansing and moisturizing products for the body, hands, and feet, as well as for the face, including the area around the eyes. The products are suitable for daily use. CeraVe provides options for different skin types, from oily to very dry and rough. There are specific products for acne-prone skin.


The French pharmaceutical and dermocosmetic company Pierre Fabre's Ducray series offers effective solutions for skin and scalp problems and daily well-being. The series includes proven effective products for various scalp conditions, including flaky, itchy scalp and skin, as well as oily or dry scalp. The skincare series provides a comprehensive solution for impure and acne-prone skin. The range also includes maintenance products for use between treatment periods and daily products suitable for the whole family. The selection also includes products that provide relief for excessive sweating on the face, hands, feet, and underarms.


The German Eucerin skincare series products are researched, effective, and safe. Developed specifically for sensitive skin, the products contain only researched, carefully selected ingredients to reduce the risk of allergies and skin reactions. All products are clinically tested and developed in cooperation with dermatologists.

Eucerin products solve many skin-related issues, helping the skin to repair itself. As all ingredients used in manufacturing are carefully selected, the risk of allergies and skin reactions is minimized.

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The Finnish Favora skincare line is suitable for even sensitive skin. All used ingredients are pure and safe, and do not contain colorants or artificial fragrances. The products contain an exceptionally high amount of nurturing ingredients. Especially for sensitive skin, gentle cleansing, effective hydration, and protective ingredients are crucial for maintaining healthy and resilient skin that can better recover from various stresses.

Favora products are suitable for most people with sensitive skin, allergies, asthma, and fragrance sensitivities, as well as anyone who values high-quality skincare. Favora products are not tested on animals and only use ingredients allowed under EU cosmetics directives. All Favora products are free from mineral oils and parabens.

The packaging is designed with sensitive skin in mind. Air-tight pump packaging ensures product quality, as it does not allow impurities into the package even once opened, therefore less preservatives are needed or none at all.

Favora favors environmentally friendly solutions, and the packaging is recyclable.

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The Swiss Fillerina® series products are the result of multi-year research by LABO laboratories aimed at restoring skin moisture, firmness, and plumpness without injection treatments.

Fillerina® is a line of fillers that reduce wrinkles and add fullness to the skin. A unique feature of Fillerina products is that they contain hyaluronic acids of various molecular sizes. Hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights ensure moisture is bound into deeper layers of the skin, resulting in a fuller and smoother complexion.

The effects of hyaluronic acids in the products are complemented by the Matrifull peptide, which helps regenerate collagen and fibronectin and renew the skin. Hexapeptides included in Fillerina products help maintain skin moisture by promoting water flow in all skin layers.

La Roche-Posay

The French La Roche-Posay is one of L'Oréal Group's sub-brands. La Roche-Posay creates the next generation of skincare products tailored for sensitive skin, with La Roche-Posay thermal spring water as the active ingredient. The main formulation principle of La Roche-Posay is minimalism: active ingredients are limited to simple, but effective combinations. Another important principle is the use of optimal concentrations of active ingredients. With the use of cutting-edge packaging technology, the shelf life of products is optimized, thus further simplifying the formulations.

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Louis Widmer

The Swiss Louis Widmer is an internationally operating cosmetics and pharmaceutical company. Louis Widmer offers products suitable for every skin type for face and body skincare and sun protection. High-quality skincare products are created through innovation and long-standing expertise. Almost all facial care products are available either lightly fragranced or fragrance-free.


The French SVR provides dermatological solutions for sensitive skin with high concentrations of active ingredients. Optimal concentrations of active ingredients ensure fast and visible results. SVR products are safe and effective for use, suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

SVR dermocosmetics combat endocrine disruptors, as the series' products are tested in their own laboratories as complete formulas, not just as individual ingredients. The laboratory has specialized in measuring the effects of endocrine-disrupting substances on living organisms for over ten years.

SVR products have gained the trust of dermatologists and satisfied customers in several countries around the world.


The French Vichy is another sub-brand of L'Oréal Group. All Vichy products contain unique volcanic Thermal Spa water, which has proven skin-strengthening and protective effects. This is why Vichy products are so well tolerated, always suitable for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic.

The mineral spring water used by Vichy contains a unique combination of minerals that balance, strengthen, and renew the skin. Our skin is daily stressed by pollutants and UV rays from the sun. Vichy products help improve the skin's resistance, enabling it to better withstand these daily challenges.

Vichy emphasizes quality research and continuous product development. Its dermocosmetics products are manufactured under controlled pharmaceutical factory conditions using good manufacturing practices and strict quality assurance methods.

All Vichy products are dermatologically tested, meaning their testing is conducted under the supervision of dermatologists. The effectiveness of all Vichy products is proven through clinical tests.

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