Medications and Medication Advice

Medications and Medication Advice at Myyrmanni Pharmacy in Vantaa

Clarity and security in medication matters from Myyrmanni Pharmacy.

Do you need advice on medication matters, such as how to take medications and proper storage? We are here for you.

Come visit our pharmacy, and our staff will guide you in managing your medications. We advise on prescription medications as well as choices in over-the-counter drugs. Some over-the-counter medications may also have adverse and interactive effects with other medications, but we ensure that you know the safe use of each medication.

Did you know that if your medication is ongoing and you use several medications, our medication dose dispensing service might be right for you? Our medication consultation is here to help in all life and health-related situations.

Our pharmacy is located in the Myyrmanni shopping center in Vantaa. Drop by, and let's get your medication needs sorted out!


We Accept Medication Waste

Do you have expired or unused medications at home? Bring them to us. We accept medication waste free of charge and dispose of it as hazardous waste. According to the Medicines Act and official guidelines, these medications cannot be reimbursed to the customer.

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Instructions for returning medication waste

  • Remove instruction labels and other markings containing patient information from the medication packages.
  • Bring medications to the pharmacy preferably in a sealed, transparent plastic bag.
  • You can remove tablets and capsules from their original packages, but tablets and capsules in blister packs do not need to be removed from their packages.
  • Return liquid medications preferably in their original packaging and pack them in a separate plastic bag.
  • Return cytostatic drugs and iodine tablets as well as other iodine-containing medications in a separate, transparent plastic bag in their original packaging. Iodine-containing products include Jodix tablets and Betadine and Iodosorb preparations.
  • Return mercury-containing thermometers separately from medication waste. Enclose broken mercury thermometers in a sealed glass jar, for example.
  • For safety reasons, package syringes and needles in an empty plastic bottle or glass jar.
  • Note! We do not accept chemicals, hairspray bottles, battery-operated thermometers, or other electronic devices, batteries, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Medication Search Reveals Your Medication Availability

We are part of the convenient Medication Search service, where you can check the availability of medications at our pharmacy or elsewhere. The service also informs about the interchangeability of medications.

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