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Myyrmanni Pharmacy is Your Local Pharmacy in Vantaa

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Myyrmanni Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that is open every day of the year. We offer friendly and expert service in all matters related to medication treatment. The pharmacy is located in Myyrmäki, Vantaa, within the Myyrmanni shopping center on Rajatorpantie. It's important to us to be close to our customers.

We are part of the domestic Lähiapteekit chain. The customer magazine is published every other month. In it, you can find relevant current topics, new products, and monthly changing offers. All of our pharmacy's offers and campaigns are available to all customers and do not require a loyalty membership.

An extensive selection of medications ensures their good availability. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are always happy to provide information about the proper and safe use of medications, KELA compensation, and medication exchanges.

In addition to medications, our product range includes a good selection of pharmacy cosmetics, dietary supplements, veterinary medications, and intimate and wound care products.

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Over-the-counter medications are products that are permitted to be sold without a prescription by the Medicinal Safety and Development Agency Fimea. Many of these over-the-counter medications were previously available by prescription only. We guide you in choosing the appropriate over-the-counter medication and its use. We also advise if, based on the symptoms, it would be best to consult a doctor.

Self-care products are not medications, and they are intended for the prevention and treatment of mild and temporary symptoms. If symptoms do not improve, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Herbal products have traditionally been used like medications. The active ingredients in herbal products come from the plant or animal kingdom, bacteria, or minerals. Herbal products are regulated under the Medicines Act.

Dietary supplements contain vitamins, minerals, or other such substances that have health-promoting effects. They are not intended for the treatment of diseases, and it is not permitted to claim medicinal uses for them. Dietary supplements are regulated by food safety authorities.

Medical devices traditionally include medical devices such as ventilators or defibrillators, but also many household items such as blood pressure monitors, bandages, glasses, hearing aids, and condoms. Medical devices also include, for example, eye drops intended for eye moistening or cold gel used for muscle pain. The CE marking is a declaration that the product has been manufactured according to medical device standards.

Pharmacy or dermocosmetics are gentle and safe for every skin type. The products are high quality and contain only necessary, researched, and safe as well as well-tolerated ingredients and raw materials. The products are primarily sold only in pharmacies.

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Monthly offers

Hyttysässä+ 50 ml pumppusuihke
Karkote hyttysiä ja muita hyönteisiä vastaan. Tuotteen vaikuttava aine on 50 % DEET.

9,50 €

0,19 e/ml

(sh. 11,85 e)

Triple Dry antiperspirant 50 ml (aktiivihiili, men, woman, fresh, tuoksuton)

Varmistaa tehokkaan ja luotettavan suojan hikoilua vastaan.

9,90 €

0,20 e/ml

(sh. 12,25 e)

Otocur korvasuihke 30 ml

Suihke korvavahan poistoon ja estoon sekä kutisevien korvien hoitoon.

14,90 €

0,50 e/ml

(sh. 19,60 e)

APTEEKKI Antiseptinen haavanpuhdiste spray 100 ml

Antiseptinen haavanpuhdiste haavoille, naarmuille ja palovammoille.

4,00 €

0,04 e/ml

(sh. 5,10 e)

APTEEKKI AntiCram pore 14 poretabl.

Magnesiumsitraatti, elektrolyytit ja B-vitamiinit samassa poretabletissa.

8,50 €

0,61 e/tabl.

(sh. 11,50 e)

Rela Tabs 90 tabl. (mansikka, sitruuna ja salmiakki-lakritsi) Rela Caps 90 kaps. Rela Tabs Appelsiini + D3 90 tabl.

Koko perheen maitohappobakteerit sopivat päivittäiseen käyttöön.

26,90 €

0,30 e/tabl./kaps.

(sh. 34,90 e)

Melarest 1,9 mg 100 tabl. (neutraali ja minttu) Melarest 1,9 mg Pitkävaikutteinen 90 tabl.

Auttaa lyhentämään nukahtamisaikaa sekä lievittämään aikaeron yksilöllisiä vaikutuksia.

19,90 €

0,20 e ja 0,22 e/tabl.

(sh. 28,10 e)


Bethover B12 Strong 100 kaps. Bethover Strong B12 120 tabl. (mansikka ja vadelma-sitruuna)

Monipuolinen ja vahva valikoima B-vitamiineja, erityisesti B12-vitamiinia ja foolihappoa.

26,50 €

0,27 e/kaps., 0,22/tabl.

(sh. 33,65 e)

Minisun D 20 μg 200 tabl. (neutraali, metsämansikka ja kuningatar)

Helppo tapa varmistaa riittävä D-vitamiinin saanti ympäri vuoden.

15,90 €

0,08 e/tabl.

(sh. 19,80 e)

Sebamed Face & Body Wash pesuneste täyttöpussi 1000 ml Sebamed Olive Face & Body Wash täyttöpussi 1000 ml

Hellävarainen pesuneste kasvoille ja vartalolle.

16,50 €

0,02 e/ml

(sh. 22,05 e)

Fiilus Arkeen + D3 mustikka 30 purutabl. Fiilus arkeen C+ZN hedelmä 30 purutabl. Fiilus Arkeen mansikka 30 purutabl. Fiilus Arkeen neutraali 30 kaps.

10,90 €

0,36 e/tabl./kaps.

(sh. 14,40 e)

Aqualan L 200 g juhlapakkaus Aqualan Plus 200 g Aqualan Duo 200 g

Kosteuttava perusvoide koko perheelle. Sopii myös kasvoille.

7,50 €

0,04 e/g

(sh. 11,20 e)

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